Monday, October 19, 2009

Law Abiding Citizen

LAC was a fun movie. It wasn't too heavy and got the ball rolling quick. In the first 10 minutes Butler's wife and child are murdered and the killer has already cut a deal with Foxx to get a short prison sentence. The film takes on the classic revenge story of Death Wish and adds a Saw twist. Butler is basically and action version of Jigsaw. He builds machines and other things to kill people without being in the room. Like cell phones that blow your head off or ties that strangle you to death. GOOD CLEAN FUN.

The first two acts of the film were excellent, but by the third act something had gone missing... They turned Butler into a maniac, which doesn't jive because you are set up to root for him. Then protagonist is switched from Butler to Foxx, who was previously shown as a thin skinned, no back boned, slimy lawyer willing to cut deals to win a case. Well hes not that bad, but it is to close for comfort.

All in all if you want to see a decent movie with some good action and cool deaths check it out.

A very short assessment!


  1. Nice micro review! Ya know, for some reason I'm just not excited about this movie. Maybe it's the fact that the plot is tired and has been done so many times before (Punisher, A Man Apart, etc). The actors are solid, but I think I'll wait for it to hit Netflix

  2. That about sums it up. What else can you say? In total agreement about the third act, just when it should be picking up, it slows down because the perspective shifts. It's a solid movie all around and I had fun with the deaths.

  3. Nothing about the trailer had me sucked in so this one falls into the "will never see unless someone has it on when Im over at their house drinking or something" pile