Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Gamers Request: LEFT 4 DEAD 15 BUCKS ON STEAM

Alright guys I have been a gamer since I was 9 years old and not much has changed other than I can't play them all day long.

The game I have been playing is Left 4 Dead. Becky also is a avid player. I need more friends that play so we can get some good Infected Vs Survivors games going. If you have thought about getting the game cause you love zombie films NOW IS THE TIME. It is only 15 bucks. If you already have it post your SteamId in the comments.

Add me with:

Add Bmovie Becky with : BeckySayers

I also play some ps3 games online like Zombie Apocalypse and Turtles in Time Reshelled... So hook it up with your ps3 name

My PS3 Name: Game_Over_Hudson

Thanks all and hope to game with you!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Best Action Music Video of the 80's

Just saw a great show last night. Chickenfoot, which is comprised of Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Chad Smith, and epic guitarist Joe Satriani. This is one of the best shows I've seen in a while and most likely the best or second best Hagar show I've seen. Check out Chickenfoot's cd by the same title.

Seeing Sammy reminded my of two 80's gems in the music video cosmos.


And for an epic bonus Sammy and Stallone team up for Winner Takes It All from the film Over the Top.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Death Wish Remake Rumor


This is exciting to me, especially with Stallone interested. Gonna watch Copland again and see what the total potential is! Check it out.

All from Variety.

"After a recent resurgence with sequels "Rocky Balboa" and the upcoming "Rambo," Sylvester Stallone is taking aim at an MGM remake of the 1974 Charles Bronson starrer "Death Wish."

Stallone is in talks to direct and star as an ordinary man who goes vigilante after his wife and daughter are attacked. Set to write the script are Michael Ferris and John Brancato, whose credits include "Terminator 3" and "Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins."

Paramount Pictures controls some "Death Wish" rights and has an option to partner. MGM will make the pic whether or not Par opts in, and if a writers strike is settled in short order, MGM will try to start production before March. Stallone's partner, Kevin King, will be a producer."

""We are looking at our library to determine which potential franchise properties make the most sense for us to produce, and 'Death Wish' was clearly one of that jumped out," said MGM chief operating officer Rick Sands. "We hope to get a deal done with Sylvester Stallone to direct and star, and like the 'Rocky' and 'Rambo' films, we see this as another potential franchise for him.""

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Amazing Foreign Poster: Death Wish 3

In ancient times some believed that words and symbols carried the power to reveal the essence of a named thing.

This poster fully expressed the essence of Death Wish 3.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Alien Prequel: Alien Origins?

There is some mystery around this rumor ridden project. First it was that revealed that a talented music video/commercial director was going to direct it. I went through his work a while back he has some talent.

So about a month and a half ago it was released that Fox wants Scott to direct.

Of course I am happy that the latest rumor is that Scott will direct another installment in my beloved Alien saga. But does he still have it in him? The first Alien coming from Scott is almost a fluke of a young man's desire to shock and blow audiences away. His style has changed so much that it worries me.

He has also become more hit and miss as time moves on, with more misses than hits.

Tell me what you guys think.
Should Aliens just be left alone after the atrocious AVP's or should Scott come back do a what looks to be an Alien Origins?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dogs of War

Walken at his best here. Sadly it is a forgotten gem in action.

The Good: At the start of the movie we see Walken driving a jeep full of hard asses through explosions. This just sets the stage for the end fiasco/coo that Walken stages with a small band of mercs to over throw an African country. He goes to scout the country and ends up getting beat half to death, then like a man's-man he comes back to overthrow it. Of course he has fellow hardass Tom Berenger to come with him and let loose the DOGS OF WAR.

Oh yeah and Walken keeps a pistol in his fridge. I hear lead has the same effect as baking soda...

The Bad: Oppressive African governments and dipshit neocolonialists trying to take advantage of them. Walken has it in for both of them.

The Badass: EXPLOSIONS! The entire end sequence is a chain reaction of cowboy mercs with automatic grenade launchers blowing the shit out of a military base. Rambo 2 is really the only thing that can compete... AND ITS CLOSE AT THAT.

The Food: I suggest getting some meat filled tacos from a street vendor and bring it home or something to the extent. Anything meaty with flour around it... cooked on a flat grill. Gyro? I dunno.

Check this one out for some fun. It's not as trashy as my review for it believe me. It actually has more than action and explosions. Commentary on neocolonialism in African.... ect.

This trailer should entice you to rediscover this gem.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Not going to spend much time on this one, but I really loved this film. The action was good and the animation even better, but what really shined was the themes. Too many times are we plagued with apocalyptic looks at the world, that express a horrible futility of the human spirit. I think people have an obsession with the END OF THINGS, because their lives are mundane and boring. It is badass to think of sawing off a shotgun and killing zombies or hunting down a leather clad gang of petrol pirates, but people just obsess about this to avoid the simple fact that every day they will get up and go to work and nothing exciting will happen. No wave, no epidemic, just the same thing over and over again. So we get films focused on fantastical elements of the end of things, (upcoming 2012) which are usually fun, but people take this shit too serious. What makes 9 different is that it doesn't focus on the end but tells a story of creation. It is more than an apocalyptic film it is a creation story. Sure humans create war, famine, death, and disease (we are the 4 Horsemen). "So what," 9 says. What does this mean for the human spirit? Have traded it for cold technology? It means that we need to keep the spirit, soul, or whatever you want to call it, because that is humanities creative agent. That is what 9 is saying. It is not just saying "here is the end look how scary it is... oh no." It's something deeper. So check it out.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To Live and Die in LA

I had always seen this in my local video store when I was a kid and always wanted to see it. Finally got to seeing it and it was pretty damn good. 

The Good: William Petersen plays our "hero," who is a secret service agent cracking down on counter fitting. Being a Friedkin  flick the main character is a hard ass who knows how to do his job, but is a complete dick(see Hackman in French Connection). Petersen uses a stripper for information and sex. Then when she butts heads with him, he threatens to revoke her parole if she doesn't do what he says.

The Bad: DAFOE!  I mean if you split up his last name it is Da Foe, so he was born to play a bad guy. He doesn't disappoint as an eccentric LA artist who has a knack for printing money and killing secret service agents. 

The Ugly: Weird 80's sex scene between DAFOE and some theatre chick... So modern and vogue... oh and disgusting. 

The Badass: Petersen's verbal ownage of his new partner who keeps bitching out on taking down DAFOE. "You ain't my partner! You ain't even my fucking friend. In fact, let me give you a little piece of advice: you better get your ass into protection, baby! Because you ain't shit on the streets! You understand that? You ain't got the nuts! Kiss my ass! Pussy motherfucker!" After the new asshole he receives, he gladly helps.

The violence is sparse in this film, but when it goes down it is raw and real. They did some great shotgun make up effects and head shots. 

The Food: Get some mexicali food for this like some chalupas or nacho's with all the fixins (jalapeno, Monterey jack, black olives, beans, corn and some carne asada.

I recommend this movie if you liked the French Connection and badass 80's technotronic soundtracks.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Given the title and the macho trailers that Gamer had, it really lacked on the action side. Most of the action in the trailers was in the first sequence of the film. Just as the film feels like it's going to get exciting it slows down again. After almost coming to a halt Gamer dupes us into a anti-climatic ending. Maybe they ran over budget and couldn't kick some ass because these are the guys who did Crank, which really didn't slow down for much. Obviously there is some cool stuff about the film, but it's really not worth seeing (at least in theatres) for the few shining moments.

The exciting thing about the film is directors Neveldine/Taylor's style is being refined. Sure the script and pacing didn't work, but N/T's exploitative digital style filled with cuts that shouldn't work (but always do), an odd sense of pornography, and action sequences shot on roller blades really exploded on screen. If these guys ever make a bigger name for themselves spotting their films just based on style will be like a horror nerd spotting a Dario Argento film. They just bring something unique to the screen, granted half the people don't like it, but they don't get how badass it is to have two directors who used to shoot extreme sport making a movie. So I am still looking forward to their next project (may they write something better this time).

Oh almost forgot, Gerard Butler is badass as always in this film.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Enter the Man Cave and Win Asskickin Ash

Alright guys (EDIT) and GALS.
If you haven't been over to the Man Cave now is the time, becaue Geoff is giving away a kick ass and certified (with photo) signed Ash action figure. So Bruce Campbell fans get your ass over there!

Here's his rules if you want to check it out before clicking.

"So the rules are simple. I am going to use True Blood's bye week this Sunday (9/6) to announce the randomly selected winner of this autographed figure. The best way to win is to gain the most entries into this lottery and you can do so by following the requirements below:

1) Get one entry for commenting on this post

2) Get another by becoming a Follower or should I say Cave Dweller. If you already follow me, let me know and you get an entry.

3) Get one more entry for posting about this giveway on your blog

4) Get another entry by adding me to your site's Bl
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If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I can give you more entries as well. But I don't want to sound like an attention whore or anything like that, so only follow me on these networks if you would like to. They are just bonuses.


At first I was thinking of doing something like a $25 gift card, so the giveaway could be spent without limits by the winner. Ya know like J. Astro could buy some cheap DVDs for the Bin, Frog Queen could buy some materials for creating her Halloween art, Allison could use it for something at cetera, et cetera and so forth.

But since this is ETMC's first giveaway, I want it to be the party to end all parties, a pajama jammy-jam...and what better way than to leadoff things with something signed by BC himself. A figure of Ashley J. Williams no less!"