Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Die Hard

Format: Bluray

This old classic can't be beat. Everyone has seen it so I won't waste time on a regular review. Some details I have picked up over the past few views of it are the subtle humor.

A SWAT guy runs through a thicket of roses and gets poked. He stops in his tracks and says OUCH.

The un-kept Asian bad guy (Al Leong) holds up behind a snack food counter. He can't help himself so he grabs a Crunch Bar.


A drunk guy randomly kisses McClane on the cheek. McClane laughs to himself and says "California." I don't know how many times I also laughed to myself about how Californians act or almost committed hari-kari in the car when watching them drive.

Apart from those small revelations on this viewing the movie is still outstanding.

A further note on the bluray: The DVD is just fine. Sure some of the anamorphic shots look better on bluray, but overall it is not a very good upgrade. Sadly Fox is in the business of spamming out second rate blurays for first rate movies.

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  1. Good thing we got a deal on the Die Hard Bluray pack. Otherwise, you're right, the DVD would have worked fine.

    Love this movie and I LOVED the comedic moments you mentioned. Forgot how funny it was.