Friday, August 14, 2009

District 9

First off I will avoid saying too much about this film, because really everyone should go out and see it. As the movie hit its second act I was totally engrossed in the world of a South African reinstatement of an apartheid-like policy dealing with the aliens. It is probably my favorite movie of 09 thus far, (Avatar and Pandorum still coming though).

The Good: The down in the dirt style that South African director Neill Blomkamp weaves with his half narrative half documentary style. It feels like it was shot in a slum in South Africa.

This movie could only be spun by a gamer in love with Half-Life and Halo (which jacked a lot from half-life). For instance the Mech-suit (which can be seen in the trailer) is just like Dog in the Half-Life 2, but has a shit load of weaponry.

Speaking of weaponry all the guns in the movie kick ass. The alien rigs literally tear people apart. This film is not PG-13 so there was no pussy copout cutaway bullshit. In your face cherry pie gibbbbbbbbbing (gamer term for blowing another player into pieces).

This guy knows how to tell a story with details. I'm sure I will catch a lot more in a second viewing, but you have to be able to appreciate the amazing amount of detail, which really brings an oppressed alien culture to life.

The Bad: The excessive use to military force was the real enemy in the film. Of course there is other stuff but I hate spoilers sooooo. That's all you get.

The Ugly: In this film the aliens are pretty ugly... But Blomkamp somehow puts you in the main character's shoes enough to where you kinda dislike them at first and think they are gross, but as the story moves you find yourself thinking the crustacean looking things are cute (especially the children).

The Badass: There is some all out battles in this movie. People get torn up by alien guns and human guns alike. There is one random part where this guy is holding an alien up for integration the alien out of nowhere just kicks him and all you see is a limb explode from somewhere and the guy fly like a rag doll. That is tame for this movie. Heads get torn off, lots of people explode, and many aliens get blown away too.


  1. I didn't read your review - I'm going to see it in approx. 2 hrs, so I will be back with some thoughts.

    By the way, kudos for having an action blog - mine used to be action-themed too, but now I've gone exclusively porno. Glad I have your blog to vent my action thoughts.

  2. Ok, I'm back from the movies, and I can honestly say I haven't had such a fulfilling cinematic experience from a new release in, oh, about ten years. Awesome.

  3. Heck yes. I dont lie ;). lol I need to go see it again its bugging me now. It just came together phenomenally.

    Glad to have you active and posting on my blog thanks!!!!!!! Give me movie suggestions to review if you have the time

  4. Great review for a great film. One of the best of 09 for sure; I might even venture to say one of the best films I've seen in the past five years.

    The alien kid is cute!!!!

  5. Dude, this movie was superb! You're right, the weapons were righteous. I am contemplating seeing this one again. And Becky's right, too. That alien kid was the perfect way to cause audiences to pull for the aliens.

    I don't play any of those games, so I appreciate your insight there. After looking through some screen shots on Google Image search, I have to say you're right about the similarities.