Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 in Video/Computer games...

2010 has some damn good games coming out! Here are some game trailers to get you ready! There's stuff for everyone this year... Inferno and Splatterhouse for horror fiends, then theres Crackdown 2 and AVP for our action fans.

AVP: The next AVP game is a simple reboot of one of the greatest multiplayer games ever. Aliens and Predator are two of my favorite films so I am fucking ready! I will chomp all of your heads off as an alien... My friends and I all have it preorder on steam... so if you would be so kind as to challenge us... Its on. This would be my #1 awaited game of the year :D w00t.

Star Craft 2: Will it come out or not... Who the hell knows... This is one of the most anticipated games ever... And I will be lining up to get a copy.

Splatterhouse: is a remake of an old school side scroller brawler that was fashioned so the gamers could kick some ass as a Jason Voorhees knock off. The reboot looks like its filled with interesting creatures to kill and brutal ways to do it... This game hasn't got much press but it is a must buy for me.

Dragon Age: Awakening. The expansion to one of the highest rated and most popular expansions on PC and Console will be released in March. If you got addicted to this game like I did, then this is one of your most anticipated titles of the year. I cannot wait for it. My Grey Warden mage, Elgyn is eager for battle!

Bioshock 2: Not much to say... Just check out this cool trailer lol. Fucking creepy kids...

Red Steel 2: Is a game with sword wielding ass kicker with a gun. With the somewhat recent Wiimotion plus release this game will prove to bring me back to the wii for a while. (apologizes to the wii for giving its buff ass kicking brother the PS3 too much attention).
Splinter Cell Conviction: I played the first two and got a bit tired of the franchise, but now I think I will return!

Dead Rising 2: Hell its about time! Looks okay.. not a fan of the trailer but here you go!

Alan Wake: Very cinematic and mysterious. I will decide on it when I see some more gameplay. Does look interesting... Prolly alien abduction!

Final Fantasy 100 Billion: A new final fantasy is coming out! I put this here for nerds who like this crap... Enjoy or skip.. I will not be buying this game.

I Am Alive: Not much is know about this, but the games teaser caused the gaming community to obsess over it. It looks like a post apocalyptic survival horror game. Should be sweet.

Dante's Inferno: Play through the classic poem, but not as a wandering philosopher type... as a muscle bound crusader ready to kick some ass. The Demo is out to check it. There ultra violence and excessive nudity...

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  1. AVP is probably the only one I'll end up actually playing...oh wait maybe Slaughterhouse for the Jason knock-off. :) Dante's Inferno and Bioshock 2 look great, but like I said, I probably won't play through them. Maybe I'll watch you though.