Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Avatar Sequels and The Dive

We all knew this was coming. Sounds interesting. I hope Cameron does something between them that is more grounded in reality like True Lies. The Dive seems interesting. Another underwater type flick.

"After muttering about how an AVATAR franchise would make sense and hinting that there could be a trilogy of AVATAR films, James Cameron has confirmed that there will be an AVATAR sequel, fueling speculation about how it might top the original.

Things we do know: There are two planned sequels but they won't be one continuous story, they'll be self-contained. They'll also follow Jake and Neytiri. It could take place around a different moon of Polyphemus this time, although producer Jon Landau has already hinted about exploring Pandora's interior. Some bloggers guess that James Cameron, famously obsessed with water, has an amazing underwater environment mapped out for Pandora. There are also different Na'vi tribes that call the planet their home and we never really got a sense of how intra-species politics work between the different tribes. Cameron confirmed he’s mapped out what will happen in the sequels, although he hasn’t written any scripts yet.

The good news? The sequels won't take four years to make. Cameron has said he can get them out faster than the first AVATAR.

Underwater, inside Pandora, another planet - what's your favorite idea for the sequels?" - Avatar Blog


  1. I would like to see Cameron on some projects that aren't insanely epic, perhaps The Dive is an opportunity for that. However, I'm down for Avatar sequels!

  2. Hmm, despite my disappointment with the first film, I'm down for a sequel. Cameron created such a rich, lovely world with Pandora, I'd love to see that planet further explored. Water, inside, whatever, as long as he can craft an excellent script, I think it'll be great.