Monday, January 11, 2010

Spiderman4 got pwned

I am sure you have all heard the Spidey 4 is getting canned along with Raimi and the rest. I hope the make Maximum Carnage. I can't say I am too upset considering I like Raimi's non-spidey films a lot more... I just hope he returns to horror or reboots Darkman.
Full story here

Check out this amazing old school sega game I used to play... which should be the next spiderman flick :D


  1. Raimi's return to horror would make everyone happy. Mainstream audiences don't have to deal with his quirkiness and horror nerds will giggle with glee.

  2. That game ruled! If I remember correctly, it was also incredibly difficult.

    I would love to see Raimi return to horror. I really dug parts 1 & 2 of his Spider flicks, but he completely lost my confidence with part 3, so I'm glad he's off the series.

    They say he's making a WOW movie, which means little to me, as I've never played the game (I'm a pretty strict console gamer). However, I hope and pray it's time for Evil Dead 4.