Monday, September 21, 2009

Alien Prequel: Alien Origins?

There is some mystery around this rumor ridden project. First it was that revealed that a talented music video/commercial director was going to direct it. I went through his work a while back he has some talent.

So about a month and a half ago it was released that Fox wants Scott to direct.

Of course I am happy that the latest rumor is that Scott will direct another installment in my beloved Alien saga. But does he still have it in him? The first Alien coming from Scott is almost a fluke of a young man's desire to shock and blow audiences away. His style has changed so much that it worries me.

He has also become more hit and miss as time moves on, with more misses than hits.

Tell me what you guys think.
Should Aliens just be left alone after the atrocious AVP's or should Scott come back do a what looks to be an Alien Origins?


  1. I'd prefer a continuation of the saga rather than a remake. I'm down for a prequel, but I agree with you about Scott. Who knows what it will be like?

  2. I like the idea of a prequel. Didn't like the AVP movies, but I think I would've enjoyed an Alien sequel that didn't involve Predator.

  3. I wouldn't mind a prequel, but I agree with Becky in that I would more than welcome a continuation. Something has to be done to wash the AVP's outta my mouth. I can't believe how bad they could screw up something so "can't-miss."

  4. Prequel > all other options, especially with Scott behind the camera, though I wouldnt mind seeing another Cameron entry. I just dont see how they can add the human element to the prequel, since the previous race to encounter the xenomorphs were those giant creatures that were long deceased when the SOS was received

  5. Yeah... I hope be prequel they dont mean watching ripley and the crew of the nostromo pick up a mining vessel and fly it back to earth. Cause there has been mention of a ripley character... Its all up in the air. I think the navigator race has to be involved in the film. The company somehow knew where the derelict ship was sooo was that from prior human contact?

  6. I say bring on more gut-busting mayhem! Forget the atrocious AVP movies! If Scott's involved (and Ripley's not), you at least have a chance of awesomeness. I think that a continuation would be cool, but I'm open to prequel. Just please, let them make a hard R. You know if they're aiming for a PG-13 it will just end up as another AVP (without the Predators, of course)!