Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Enter the Man Cave and Win Asskickin Ash

Alright guys (EDIT) and GALS.
If you haven't been over to the Man Cave now is the time, becaue Geoff is giving away a kick ass and certified (with photo) signed Ash action figure. So Bruce Campbell fans get your ass over there!

Here's his rules if you want to check it out before clicking.

"So the rules are simple. I am going to use True Blood's bye week this Sunday (9/6) to announce the randomly selected winner of this autographed figure. The best way to win is to gain the most entries into this lottery and you can do so by following the requirements below:

1) Get one entry for commenting on this post

2) Get another by becoming a Follower or should I say Cave Dweller. If you already follow me, let me know and you get an entry.

3) Get one more entry for posting about this giveway on your blog

4) Get another entry by adding me to your site's Bl
og List

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I can give you more entries as well. But I don't want to sound like an attention whore or anything like that, so only follow me on these networks if you would like to. They are just bonuses.


At first I was thinking of doing something like a $25 gift card, so the giveaway could be spent without limits by the winner. Ya know like J. Astro could buy some cheap DVDs for the Bin, Frog Queen could buy some materials for creating her Halloween art, Allison could use it for something at school...et cetera, et cetera and so forth.

But since this is ETMC's first giveaway, I want it to be the party to end all parties, a pajama jammy-jam...and what better way than to leadoff things with something signed by BC himself. A figure of Ashley J. Williams no less!"


  1. ...and girls? I'm assuming a lot of women will want this particular giveaway!

    I, on the other hand, just can't jump through all those hoops to win the prize - as much as I would *love* to win. When I read "Twitter" I gave up. I will have to settle for the fact that I met him... ;)

  2. Oh lol nice. my bad on the gendercentricness. I get an F on this post.

  3. If chins could kill. I've already done #1, #2 and #4. Yay me for studying ahead of time.

  4. You don't get an F - I'm just a dick who likes pointing shit like that out.

  5. Thanks for the plug, MWNM! You were one of the first to jump in for it. Asskickin Ash...love it!

    I have a signed copy of If Chins Could Kill but I will not be parted with that!

    Gore-Gore Girl...lol! The more entries you have, the better chance of winning. You don't have to do all of them. A simple follow and a post puts you on par with a majority of those already entered. The Twitter/Facebook entry was an excuse for me to say "attention whore". =)

    Again - thanks MWNM!!

  6. Congrats Nick! You won the Ash figure!!! Check out the post when you get a chance and I will contact you shortly. =)

  7. Hey Nick - sorry to post about this again but I can't access your e-mail from your user profile, can you please contact me at gcap27192yahoo.com so we can work out shipping details? Thanks!!