Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dogs of War

Walken at his best here. Sadly it is a forgotten gem in action.

The Good: At the start of the movie we see Walken driving a jeep full of hard asses through explosions. This just sets the stage for the end fiasco/coo that Walken stages with a small band of mercs to over throw an African country. He goes to scout the country and ends up getting beat half to death, then like a man's-man he comes back to overthrow it. Of course he has fellow hardass Tom Berenger to come with him and let loose the DOGS OF WAR.

Oh yeah and Walken keeps a pistol in his fridge. I hear lead has the same effect as baking soda...

The Bad: Oppressive African governments and dipshit neocolonialists trying to take advantage of them. Walken has it in for both of them.

The Badass: EXPLOSIONS! The entire end sequence is a chain reaction of cowboy mercs with automatic grenade launchers blowing the shit out of a military base. Rambo 2 is really the only thing that can compete... AND ITS CLOSE AT THAT.

The Food: I suggest getting some meat filled tacos from a street vendor and bring it home or something to the extent. Anything meaty with flour around it... cooked on a flat grill. Gyro? I dunno.

Check this one out for some fun. It's not as trashy as my review for it believe me. It actually has more than action and explosions. Commentary on neocolonialism in African.... ect.

This trailer should entice you to rediscover this gem.


  1. Indeed, something that slipped through the cracks undeservedly. Was impressed by this one. It was pretty good. I still think Rambo takes the cake in terms of explosions and overall action though. :)

  2. Not forgotten by me. Great film! Probably Irving's best.