Friday, November 13, 2009

Countdown to Avatar with Cameron films!

Alright, Avatar comes out December 18th. There is about 6 weeks until then and each week I will be watching a Cameron film. Sorry to say I will be skipping Xenogensis and Piranha 2... I just don't have the time for those ones. Please if you want to have some fun do this countdown with me.

Week 1 - Terminator (this week)
Week 2 - Aliens
Week 3 - The Abyss
Week 4 - Terminator 2
Week 5 - True Lies
Week 6 - Titanic

And I leave you with some Scream 2 :D

Mickey: It's Bullshit generalization. Many sequels have surpassed their originals.
Randy: Oh yeah?
Cici: Name one.
Film Class Guy #1: Aliens. Far better than the first.
Cici: Yeah, well, theres no accounting for taste.
Randy: Thank you. Ridley Scott Rules. Name Another.
Film Class Guy #2: No way. Aliens is a classic. "Get away from her, you Bitch!"
Randy: I believe the line is "Stay away from her, you Bitch." This is a film class right?
Film Class Guy #2: Got you. Whatever. You know what I mean.
Randy: Name another.
Mickey: T-2.
Cici: You got a Hard-on for Cameron.
Randy: A big one.


  1. I think I know someone else with a hard-on for Cameron...Looking forward to all but Titanic.

  2. OMG!!! My guy friend is OBSESSED with this whole Cameron/Avatar thing!!! I'm not sure if that turns me off (I HATE hype) or makes me anxious to see it...

  3. Nice if I didnt have such a friggin long list of films on the shelf I havent seen yet I would be all in, Ill leave it to you crazy kids =D