Thursday, November 5, 2009


Just watched Rocky on bluray! Forgot how damn good of a movie it is. I will be moving through the Rocky Collection this month and posting some thoughts on the series as I do. I picked up the bluray collection and so far the transfers are looking excellent. In Rocky the HD shines when Rocky is jogging in the early morning and it literally shines off Carl Weathers' chest in the last fight.

Everyone has seen this movie so there is not much I can say. I don't remember it being so raw (it has been 8 years since I've seen it though) and I don't remember Paulie being so awkward about his sister's virginity. Other than that it was the same old ass kicking movie I saw when I was a kid. We shall see how the next five films do in comparison.

Favorite Lines:

Mickey: You're gonna eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder!

Rocky: Don't smoke that. It makes your breath like garbage.

Rocky: I think we make a real sharp couple of coconuts - I'm dumb, you're shy, whaddaya think, huh?


  1.'s where your pick up lines came from? :P

    LOVE this movie with all my heart.

  2. Yeah, the first one was really good. By the time Rocky has a friendly robot running around the house though.... Well, things may have gotten a little off course.


  3. As a Philadelphian, of course Rocky falls under one of my favorite films of all time. Good luck moving through the sequels. 2 is almost better than 1 and you have to remember one thing about 3:

    Announcer: "What's your prediction for the fight?"

    Clubber Lang: "My prediction?"

    Announcer: "Yes. Your prediction."

    Clubber Lang: "Pain!!"

  4. My wife and I were in Philly recently and got to see the Rocky statue, which was really cool. It really says something about the power of the movie that the statue remains a tourist attraction in a city that houses Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. People give Stallone a lot of crap, but he truly created an iconic American hero with that character.

    I can't wait to hear what ya have to say about the rest of the series!