Thursday, November 19, 2009


Terminator is slowly making it's way into my top ten films of all time list. The atmosphere, tone, effects (at the time were fucking crazy), and story are all top notch. The only thing that is silly is the sex scene, which was referenced in Planet Terror sex scene with hilarious music and editing. Check out the action sequences and look up how much Cameron actually had to work with, it wasn't much.

On another note, I have a thought that has to do with the latest film; Salvation... The best part of the Terminator films is the flash forwards to the future war with the machines. It was dark as hell, barren, and brutal. All of these things were omitted from the atmosphere in McG's lame installment into the series. The potential for a great film was there, but there was also a lack of concern for this potential in Salvation. Just a sad thought.

I would rather have this film :D Back to the Future fusion with Terminator

Next is my favorite film of all time. Aliens.


  1. "Terminator is slowly making it's way into my top ten films of all time list."

    "Slowly"?! Are you serious?! I live and die for that film!!!

  2. That video is hilarious. Yes, Terminator is fantastic! I think Terminator 2 still beats it for me. Salvation dropped the ball for sure. Lots of potential wasted.